Thursday, May 19, 2011

graduation time is near and so is baptism

Actually for the school I serve at it is tomorrow. The only bad part about that is we can't leave for the Cities until Saturday. Benjamin is having his baptism on Sunday. Leona and I took Monday off so we don't have to leave Sunday night. Still will have to get on the road early and fight traffic to get out of town. Dogs will spend the weekend at the doggy motel. Hopefully that will work out. Sham is now in a cast for life. Every couple of months we will take him in and get a new one.
Benjamin is growing up so quickly as infants always seem to do. We see him one month and he is just rolling around the floor. Now he is crawling and standing. Skype is wonderful.


Blogger JIm said...

Hopefully you saw the Hansen quotes and graph showing global warming predictions versus actual temperatures, before Lally deleted. Lally is not keen on defending his accusations against me. His only response is to delete.

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