Monday, July 27, 2009

This and that.

Leona and I had Saturday off. She was standing up in Miki's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and the reception at Wadsworth was great. Leona danced all night and I danced my one customary dance. On a sad note, there was a fire in an apartment building in Hancock that killed four. There is talk that it was arson.

I saw my first bear of the year last year. We had heard one was visiting the Harbor. Thursday night coming down from checking Lake Manganese I saw a bear shaped black hole trotting down the edge of the road and then gone. I stopped and could hear him snapping things in the woods on his way to town for dinner. Hopefully he doesn't turn east and find the campgrounds.

On a publishing note. Had several published in the summer issue of Modern English Tanka. One was chosen for the back cover. Only three per issue. So I was kinda pleased.


Blogger Middle Ditch said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting Tom. Much appreciated and I hope the bear did not find the camp site.

10:18 AM  

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